Thank You
For Being A Valued Patient

We have some exciting news to share. We decided to close our dental practice and merge with the Centre For Holistic And Biological Dentistry.

What's Next?

It has been a pleasure caring for your dental needs over the years. Effective Sept. 27th, 2023, all patients have the option to be seen at the Centre For Holistic And Biological Dentistry. We will be taking the same insurances and providing the same level of dental care. All patient records will be transferred to the new office of your choice at your request. The new contact information is listed below.

We truly appreciate you as a valued patient, Dr. Chapman cannot wait to see you! Please contact us to schedule your next appointment.

Centre For Holistic And Biological Dentistry
1600 Westgate Cir, Brentwood, TN 37027
(615) 481-4555

Dr. Chapman - Nashville Dental Implant Center

Meet Dr. Chapman

Centre For Holistic And Biological Dentistry

Dr. Chapman is originally from San Antonio, Texas and completed his undergraduate studies at Texas A&M University. He obtained his dental education in his hometown of San Antonio at the University of Texas Health Science Center, graduating in 1998. He moved to middle Tennessee to take his first associate dental position in Madison and join the songwriting scene in Nashville.

In 2004, Dr. Chapman chose a different path in dentistry, and he began working as a missionary for the organization Mercy Ships, and continued working with them for the next eight years. It is here that Dr. Chapman began to gain extensive surgical experience under Mercy Ships’ long term oral surgeon Gary Parker and developed a passion for oral surgery. After his four years aboard Mercy Ships, Dr. Chapman and his family moved full time to Liberia and co-founded Trinity Dental Clinic. He is very happy that, to this day, the clinic continues to provide affordable dentistry to thousands of patients a year in Liberia and has trained several Liberians as assistants, lab technicians, and practitioners.

In 2012, Dr. Chapman returned to Franklin, Tennessee to allow his four children to finish their schooling. He then completed his implant training with Zimmer Biomet in Carlsbad, California. Dr. Chapman also has extensive experience in smile makeovers and cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Chapman has four children, a foster son who still lives in Liberia, two step-daughters, a granddaughter and two dogs. He is an avid surfer (which he picked up in West Africa), marathoner (inspired by his wife, Ninette) and triathlete. He keeps performing and writing music, and is a huge movie buff. Like a lot of runners, he and Ninette are always training for the next race and Dr. Chapman considers it his “part time job”!
“Really my biggest passion in dentistry is connecting with my patients and taking time to hear and work through anxieties and concerns around dental treatment, making them as comfortable as possible. The wide variety of treatment options and restorations available in dentistry keeps my passion strong for helping patients restore their smile, chewing ability, and overall health. It gives me great satisfaction to know that improving oral health is significantly linked to improving systemic health. I would want every patient to know how many areas of their health are affected by their oral health – heart, systemic health, and of course improved nutrition from better diet and chewing ability! I have moved significantly from treating individual teeth into making sure I approach each patient comprehensively to obtain the best long term, long-lasting solution and minimize future treatment needs.”
Dr. Chapman - Nashville Dental Implant Center