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Dental Implants & Restorative Dentistry in Brentwood, TN

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Dr. Locante is an oral surgeon and dental implant expert specializing in dental implant surgery and other restorative dentistry procedures. He and his team at Nashville Dental Implant Center in Brentwood, TN, are committed to restoring your smile effectively and safely.

Frequently Asked Dental Implant Questions

As with any service available, there are always questions. Here, we answer our patients’ frequently asked questions. We’re happy to provide useful dental implant resources so you can get the answers you need.

The cost is determined by several factors: the number and type of dental implant needed, the amount of bone loss the patient has experienced, and the type of final dental implant-supported teeth the patient chooses. When you schedule a private consultation with Dr. Locante, he will first review your X-rays and perform an oral examination. He will then discuss your specific treatment plan, length of treatment, and total treatment fee. Monthly payments for dental implants are as low as $233/month!

It depends on the insurance company and the type of coverage. Almost every policy is different. Sometimes medical insurance will help patients with the cost of dental implant treatment. This area is one we are very familiar with, and we can help you with the determination of your insurance benefits and the new patient registration process.
Yes! Call us at 615-436-5987 to review our financing options.
Most dental implants are still made of titanium, a biocompatible metal used for over 60 years to replace missing tooth roots. All ceramic/non-metal implants are the newest materials being offered and have numerous advantages—primarily for people with true metal allergies or sensitivities. The dental implants Dr. Locante recommends are ceramic dental implants and are classified as non-metallic. They are very biocompatible with bone. Because of the compatibility, the jawbone grows around the implant, making it firm and stable.
Dental implant treatment offers firm, stable, and natural-looking teeth. Patients can eat almost anything they like and can smile with confidence again. Dental implants also stop destructive bone loss caused by denture trauma.
Just about anyone with missing teeth is a candidate for dental implants. The primary concern is physical health. Most medical conditions are usually not a contraindication for dental implant treatment. However, uncontrolled diabetics and cancer patients who have recently received radiation therapy are not good candidates.
There is minor discomfort with this procedure when performed by a trained surgeon. We offer IV sedation and oral sedation dentistry in our Nashville office to ensure our patients are pain-free. Most of our patients find they do quite well with minor pain medication such as Ibuprofen (Advil) after the procedure. Most patients return to their normal activities within a day of their dental implant treatment.
The length of dental implant treatment varies and is determined by the specific treatment required. In some cases, patients can leave the office on the day of treatment with functioning teeth; however, most treatment plans require four to six months of recovery. The majority of the time is needed for the patient’s bone to “bond” or “integrate” with the dental implant.
You are most likely experiencing a gradual bone loss process when the teeth are extracted, and tooth roots are missing. Because tooth roots stimulate jawbone health, the jawbone starts to shrink or melt away once the tooth roots are gone. Wearing a denture greatly speeds up the bone loss process. Normally, the lower jaw shrinks much faster than the upper jaw, which causes the most problems.
Most patients complain of the inability to stabilize their lower denture or to keep it in place. Therefore, they have problems with eating, chewing, speaking, and even digestion. Many patients complain of mouth sores as well.
Absolutely not, you can wear your dentures throughout your treatment.
When choosing a professional for your implant treatment, it is important to know the dentist’s experience level. Don’t be afraid to ask how long the practitioner has been placing implants and how many implants they have placed. Implant Dentistry is not currently a separate dental specialty. Therefore, just because a dentist is a specialist in periodontal disease or oral surgery does not necessarily mean they have adequate implant surgical knowledge or experience. Be sure to ask about board certification from the American Board of Oral Implantology and active membership in the American Academy of Implant Dentistry.
Yes. With the modern bone augmentation procedures available today, we can help even severe bone loss conditions. Usually, with proper treatment, we can restore patients’ mouths to normal function.

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Dental Implant Resources

Dental implants can give your smile a firm, stable, and natural appearance without the destructive bone loss of dentures. Before embarking on your dental implant journey, make sure you educate yourself on the procedure and what to expect. You can use these resources to make the right decisions for your needs.
If you are interested in dental implants, we recommend speaking to a specialist in dental implantology. Research dental providers online and read reviews from past patients and referrals. The American Dental Association and the American Academy of Implant Dentistry are also great sources if you want high-quality information.

Dental implants have become a common solution for missing teeth because of their durability and functionality. When one receives a dental implant, the lost tooth root is replaced by a titanium post secured with a crown. This procedure can be done with pain-free sedation.

We also offer metal-free dental implants, an alternative for those with metal allergies, sensitivities, or immune reactions. With any dental implant, there is no movement, and they typically last a lifetime. The new replacement teeth resemble natural teeth and establish excellent function while also preventing bone loss.

If you are still unsure about receiving dental implants, we recommend you learn as much as you can about dental implantology. Dr. Locante is committed to helping you in the decision-making process and answering any questions or concerns you may have.

Many patients choose dentures because they believe it is the easiest and least painful solution. Although, we offer pain-free sedation and a lifetime guarantee with our dental implant procedures. Dental implants help with bone growth, unlike dentures that deteriorate your bone. The procedure is painless, and the results are unparalleled.

If your concern is cost, dentures do not require any healing time and are removable. Unlike an implant, dentures have to come out at night. You use a cream, liquids, or other products to clean them while you sleep. Often, people need to use adhesives to hold the dentures in place. If the dentures do not fit properly, they can even lead to infections or tooth decay in your remaining teeth.

When considering dental implants or dentures, people often pick implants because they are strong and securely attached to the jawbone, so there are no daily life restrictions. While implants generally cost more than dentures, they are a better option if you want a strong, long-lasting replacement. Those who experience bone loss may not have enough bone to install an implant correctly. We will examine and determine if you are a candidate for dental implants.

Dental Implant Education For Dentists

Take your patient care to the next level and learn more about implant dentistry. If you are in the dental profession, ensure your patients return and make them feel like their oral health is in good hands.

Dr. Locante offers dental implant education for doctors who want to learn more about the procedures. He holds seminars and courses that provide an array of information and knowledge on the world of dental implantology. Dr. Locante is a frequent lecturer for numerous study clubs, implant maxi-course programs, and major implant manufacturers. Please know that we welcome you to attend any that would be beneficial for your practice. He is also available for phone consultations.

Implant Study Club

Implant Study Club for General Dentists and Staff Members meets bi-monthly at Boscos’ in Cool Springs.

Surgical Courses

Designed to teach attendees everything they need to know to do dental implants both from the surgical and prosthetic aspects. A complete review of literature, bone science, augmentation procedures, and surgical demonstrations is provided. This course generally spans a 12-month period.

Lectures & Seminars

Dr. Locante is a frequent lecturer for numerous study clubs, implant maxi-course programs, and major implant manufacturers. Please know that we welcome you to attend any that would be beneficial for your practice.
For more information and specific dates, please call 615-436-5987.

Financial Information

We are proud to accept affordable payment methods. We work with:
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